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My recent reemergence into reading has given me a real feeling of identity and personality within the literary world. I've grown to love horror and enjoy many different facets of the genre. Within the past few years, I've met a lot amazing authors and fellow readers who have brought the social aspect of enjoying great books in my life. This blog will be a place to share my reviews and also talk about my book life in general.


If you are an author who wishes me review their title, I am not actively searching for books to review at this time.


Blood Moon Rising

For the entire month of May,  there is a Blood Moon Rising  over on Facebook. All month long, an event for writers and readers of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy is taking place.

This weekend is hosted by my Australian friend Toneye Eyenot.

Come join in on the fun!!

Follow this link!!

(Review) Black Willow by Evan Bollinger

Black Willow - Evan Bollinger



Children aren’t the only ones afraid of monsters… 

The first scream was the loudest. 

It pierced the patchwork of sound and sight as would something that didn’t exist. As if, it did exist, but not here, in the now and real. As if, there was another level of sense, another realm of feeling; from a place where even nightmares came to die. 

To say that it made your blood curdle, or that it made your mind race, would make little sense. For what came through that heavy air was not so much acting upon the human mind and body, as it was a part of the human mind and body. To try to combat it was to fight your own mechanism. To free yourself from the scream, was to destroy yourself from the inside out. 

In that moment, they were already dead.

The first time was 12 years ago when they were young, and clueless. It was supposed to go away--this wasn't supposed to happen. But something went wrong, and now it's back. Something strange stalks the skeletal woods of Willow Park... 

But can the park contain it? 




I wish this was a full length novel. It is well written but I would've like to have seen this story extended. It ended leaving me wanting more... that is a good thing. This short is deeper than the sum of its parts. There is more here than a group of three adults coming back to face a fear they first encountered many years ago. The writer creates a powerful underlying message to his story in just a few pages. The story contains some great characters and a most vile creature, well written, fleshed out and detailed. I think the author has a future in writing. I would love to read more from this author.


I strongly recommend checking out Black Willow. It's a subtle, quiet type of horror that will stay with you long after you finish it.


(Review) Because We Told Her To by Sal Conte

Because We Told Her To - Camille Pollock, Sal Conte


It was supposed to be a simple babysitting job, a way for teenage runaway, Kim, to get off the mean streets of Hollywood three nights a week. Then, Amaryllis and Hyacinth said "Let's play Twitter," and things got really strange.

As riveting as "Horns," with characters as engaging as "Heart Shaped Box."  This is a new short story from the author of "Child's Play," "The Power," and "The Toothache Man." Sal Conte is the horror writing alter-ego of bestselling author, E. Van Lowe.




Sometimes kids are creepy...


Sometimes there is a reason.


This short story pulls no punches. Because We Told Her To is a short, but horrific tale of two little girls with an unnatural gift of persuasion. Written in the first person, this story is a nightmare come to life. The horror in this story is what may happen next. The story isn't perfect, but it doesn't have to be given it's style. It is a solid introduction to some characters that I hope Sal Conte continues to run with. I would love to read more from the author.


Check it out yourself here.


Reading progress update: I've read 38%.

The Coyote - Michael McBride

It's more of a thriller than a horror, but I love a good serial killer yarn. The protagonist has a lot of depth and McBride once again hits a home run with the atmosphere. I can feel the heat of the desert as I read the pages. A dark, unsettling feeling hides well within these words.

(Review) Dead Roses

Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love - Jason Parent, Evans Light, Gregor Xane, Adam   Light, Edward Lorn, Mike Tenebrae



The creators of the bestselling BAD APPLES: FIVE SLICES OF HALLOWEEN HORROR team up once more to bring you five dark tales of twisted love. 

ELEANOR, by Jason Parent 

When Father Stuart McKenzie finds a disfigured girl abandoned on the steps of his church, he decides the child is a blessing from God and raises her as his own. But the special needs of Eleanor demand more from Stuart than a father can give. 

LOVE LIES IN EYES, by Evans Light 

Nathan falls for a beautiful girl from across a crowded room, but she disappears before he can muster his courage. Obsessed with getting a second chance, he’s about to learn that true love isn't only hard to can be hard to lose. 

PANACEA, by Adam Light 

Decades of marriage haven’t tarnished Rob’s affection towards his dear wife Molly one bit, and he’s not about to let cancer snatch her away, no matter the cost. But every medication has its side effects, some more than others. 

CINDER BLOCK, by Edward Lorn 

Toby’s dad may have hit the road long ago, but his mother still loves him - along with every other man in town, that is. But after the beautiful Lauren shines a light into his dreary world, he realizes just how crazy love can get. 

LOVING THE GOAT, by Gregor Xane 

Embattled comic book artist and notorious animal lover Bill Capra is willing to do anything (literally) to get his dirty paws on the fabled object of his desire, even if it means his own destruction. 

My review:


A very solid 4 stars

Dead Roses is a great anthology collecting short stories from five great authors. Each story is about twisted love and each story is a bizarre love story, some of which are a bit taboo. These authors have once again combined their "powers" to create a very memorable book. Although each story is really good and allows the reader a glimpse into an odd relationship, the standout story in this collection for me was the story by Evans Light. That story is very easily going to be in my top three for the year and is absolutely worth the cost of the book alone. 
It is rare that an anthology contains all killer, no filler but Dead Roses has broken that barrier. If you are a fan of bizarro, horror, or great writing, make sure you click that buy button. You won't regret it.

Pick it up here

(Review) Old Order

Old Order by Jonathan Janz is like an episode of Tales from the Crypt with a little more spice. Farmers are easy marks, or so one would think, sitting on untold riches and just toiling the day away. Our protagonist is a criminal who preys on people who trust and don't suspect. But karma has a way of catching up with people. 

Janz writes a convincing story of an antiques store owner who gets a lot more than he bargins for. The ending of this story is a horrid surprise and one that will sit with the reader long after the title is put away. I really look forward to a Janz story because I know that it will be fun and well worth the money spent.

Jonathan Janz is a writer to watch. He has a way with words that really involve the reader into the story. This is the second Janz story I have read and it really is a talented author who can write in such a fashion... every time.

You can buy some of Jonathan's amazing titles here

(Review) Nightmares by Andrew Lennon

Nightmares - Andrew Lennon

Solid four star review for an author new to me, but gifted with the skill of writing a good short. It seems some nightmares can come true. This story speaks to you like a lesson learned from a Tales From the Crypt episode . I can't wait to read another short story written by this talented writer.


Find a link for this short story, here.

(Review) Down by Nate Southard

Down - Nate Southard

I received a copy of this book from Sinister Grin Press in exchange for an honest review.


Things were going oh so well. Things were simple. Plane crash miles from civilization. Some dead on impact, some seriously injured, all absolutely screwed. Something lives in this woods. Something big, something formidable, something hungry. Our story was great to this point. I can even deal with adding in an uncomfortable, non-plot-forwarding love triangle. But around 50% into this book, something happens. Or more specifically, too much happens. It starts with the carvings in the trees. Things that happen after this just pollute a great story. I wanted to see this all come together. It just didn't. I would've preferred the author to keep the story basic, survivors vs creature. Alas, that didn't happen and it hurt the story, in my opinion.


I loved Potter, and the other characters, main and supportive just lacked a lot of the detail for me to really care if they survived. Potter,  however, is my man. I really liked this character and the whole story through, I cheered his survival. 


I wanted to love this book, I didn't. I think it got too big for itself and that killed it for me. In the end Potter saved it for me and that was pretty much it. 


So in a true Potter tribute, let me visualize my notebook paper of tips for the author and on it is a list:


1) Revisit Potter. He is a great character.


2) Keep it simple.


Here is the Amazon link for Down or feel free to shop for the book at the Sinister Grin Press link above.


Reading progress update: I've read 22%.

Down - Nate Southard

Apparently,  my eyes like the black Fire background a lot more. Much quicker reading.

Rather horrific consequences from a plane crash. There is a lot going on, but then agajn their are many characters to follow... at this point.

Another Sinister Grin title.

Buy Down by Nate Southard on Amazon here.

(Review) Outpost by Joe Hart

Outpost - Joe Hart



A remote fishing trip in the Canadian wilderness promises relaxation and fun for four friends.

But after catching a fish that should have been released on a secluded lake, the horror truly begins.

And something has followed them back to the Outpost.



The perfect time away from home. A fishing trip far from the touch of civilization. Perfect until the guys catch something never before seen, That's when the horror begins. This was a great short story that has a ton of woodsy, calming atmosphere and just a touch of getting to know these characters before the horrors begin. I hope Joe Hart comes back to this horrific, serene setting again. I would love to read more about this lake and the horrors within.

I really liked this story. 

Pick it up on Amazon here.

This week's jam comes from a band named Crobot. If you are a fan of That Metal Show you heard them mentioned during the Anthrax episode. They have an awesome 1970's metal vibe and they hail from right here  in Central Pennsylvania.

The added horror elements in the video here took this band over the top for me.

(Review) A Night on Holcomb Road

A Night on Holcomb Road - Joseph Coley



Holcomb Road and the surrounding woods have always been haunted...but why? Lee and JoAnn are about to find out...
A 2,200 word haunted road story from Pemberville, Ohio.



An eerie tale for a fall evening, one can almost hear the rustling leaves in the trees that span Holcomb Rd. A well written short story that lets the mind wander. I love a story that lets the reader fill in the blanks. I hope Joseph revisits Holcomb Rd and gives the readers just a little more time with the spirits who reside there.


I needed a change of pace story tonight and since I have read and enjoyed stories by Joseph before, I gave this short story a shot. Check out his Amazon author page.

I've just added a link to Confessions of a Reviewer!!


This blog is great. It belongs to a good friend of mine from across the pond, Nev. Though we have never met, we have similar interests and both have a love of great fiction. We also share an appreciation for the hard work put into these works by their authors. Although he doesn't blog here on Booklikes, I invite you to visit his page frequently. He reads and reviews a lot and is constantly posting new content. 



Visit his page or I will be forced to deploy a force of goats to eat your yard.


Here is a link to his blog. You will also find it under the page links.

(Review) A is for Antichrist

A is for Antichrist (A-Z of Horror) - Iain Rob Wright

Iain Rob Wright's first short story in the A-Z of Horror series is an imaginative little short. At 22 pages, A is for Antichrist packs a powerful punch in quick fashion. I hope Iain expands upon some of the ideas in this series because a story this good shouldn't be contained to 22 pages.


A boy’s sixteenth birthday is a special occasion. It’s a time where he becomes a man. It’s a time that brings many changes. 

But Isaac’s sixteenth birthday brings him more changes than most. He is not quite himself and suddenly his friends don’t seem so much like friends anymore. By the end of the party, Isaac will not just change from a boy into a man, but into something else entirely. 

From Bestselling Author of Horror & Suspense, Iain Rob Wright 

Pick up this short story here.

I've updated my GR reading goal for the first time already this year. There is too much good short fiction to not include it in my count. Many authors I am friends with write shorter fiction and I can't support them if I'm not reading their works.
I started out the year with two resolutions:

1) Read more full length novels, and

2) Clean up my currently reading shelf.

So far, I've been doing well with both, but I've come to the conclusion that if I limit my reading to only works of a certain length it wouldn't be fair to me or the authors whose works are shorter. My goal to read more full length books this year is still a goal, but not a punishment. With the creation of this blog and my involvement with one (at this time) reviewing website I think the novels will come. With the inclusion of recommendations, NetGalley, and read & reviews from authors and publishers I feel this is the year I wear a new hat as a reader.


Has anyone else increased their goal yet? 

I recently rediscovered Faith No More and realized I had missed out on a couple of amazing albums.This song (Ashes to Ashes) is on one of these albums, their last, entitled Album of the Year.

But wait, I just discovered this week that Faith No More has a new CD coming out, slated for an April release. If you are a fan, this is happy news indeed. It's been a long time. If you've never had an opportunity to listen to Faith No More, reward yourself with a truly epic and genre hopping band. They can do it all and are so much more than the flopping fish at the end of their video for Epic.

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