... And so it begins

Eats - Julius DeAngelus, Susan DeAngelus

Two police detectives are trying to solve a series of gruesome murders. Unable to discover how the murderer escapes the scene without leaving a trace, the detectives enlist the skills of a local Indian tracker. The three and the reader soon discover that some mysteries are best left unsolved.


Eats by Julius DeAngelus was my first complete read of 2015. It came in at just over 30 pgs. I really enjoyed this short tale and it's surprise ending was a nice touch. Horror writing doesn't always have a happy ending and Eats is the perfect example.


This short was surprisingly well developed for being just over 30 pages. There was enough atmosphere to get me just a little more involved in the story and the action sequences were broken up between our two detectives, who had separated. This transition was done smoothly and felt natural.

I'm my opinion, Native American folklore isn't explored enough in horror, at least what I've had the opportunity to read, but DeAngelus keeps things authentic. The author is also proficient in short story writing and I really look forward to enjoying his writing again.


Eats was a big deal for me, but that is another blog.


So gives Eats a chance. I don't think you will be disappointed in this book.