Jonathan Janz, I'm a believer.

Exorcist Road - Jonathan Janz

I seriously need to ponder the words that will explain just how great this work is.

Well, for me, this one has been just about a perfect reading experience that I can only equate to a classic. I think I will steal the phrase instant classic. It fits here.
There is a lot to love about Exorcist Road. Character depth the likes of which I haven't read in a while, a storyline that keeps you guessing, and just enough filth and gore to remind you that what you are reading is horrific, the words that you read are like the fantastic side of an absolute nightmare.
This family's night of hell is real, the mystery is what exactly is going on in Casey's home on Rosemary Road. Is he possessed or a serial killer? 
A very solid book from an author who has earned my love because, man, can he write!!