Exorcist Road

Exorcist Road - Jonathan Janz Exorcist Rd

Five stars is not a rating I give out often, but Jonathan Janz's Exorcist Road deserves a very solid five stars. This was a very well crafted tale in which two priests are called to a home in the Chicago suburbs late at night to preform an exorcism on the teenage boy of a parishioner. But then questions arise. This teenage boy knows too much about the recent murders of teenage girls and he may not be possessed at all but the serial killer that the police have been looking for instead. Before this night is over, the priests will know the answer.
In short, this was an amazing piece of horror fiction.

The characters within were well fleshed out, each showing a lot of depth. Each one with hidden sides revealed by a simple touch. The characters included in Exorcist Road were some of the best characters I've read in quite some time.

The story of Exorcist Road was essentially a horror who- dunnit. Is Casey possessed or a killer? Both sides of the story are possibilities and the reader discovers things as our characters do. Things about all of the players inside the house on Rosemary Road (a nice nod to a truly classic film) will come to light before the night is through and a killer will be revealed.
If you are a fan of horror with depth, you owe it to yourself to read, no, enjoy Exorcist Road. Jonathan Janz is an author to watch and one whom I will definitely be reading again.