Love Stinks - A Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story

Love Stinks - A Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story - John G. Hartness A Bubba the Monster Hunter book is always good. If you like lewd humor, strippers, and monster slaying in your books you need to pick up any ONE of these and you will love it. I read one whenever I need a quick pick me up.

This time Bubba is on the trail of a Cupid who has set up shop in an old folks home. Bubba has had to endure some pretty ugly scenes before but be warned... what Bubba sees at the old folks home, well you can't unsee.

This is a great short story. John Hartness has a vivid imagination and is great at setting up a scene. You can't help but love this giant, monster slaying hillbilly.

As a sidenote, I actually spoke to myself out loud while reading this one. A nurse explains a condition that is being suffered by a male resident of the home and gives Bubba the medical term. Contextually, I didn't need to look it up but found myself saying something to the effect of "Please don't go there. PLEASE DON'T GO THERE. Oh. YEP!! You went there. ;)