Geekomancy - Michael R. Underwood Although this genre isn't normally something I would read, the premise sounded interesting enough... so why not.
I feel in love with Ree and Eastwood. Two cool characters. Ree was especially fun with her snarky comments to the reader throughout the story. Her realization that the Underworld existed along with the reader was a nice touch too. It added an extra level of realism to the story for me. Eastwood worked as the seasoned mentor to Ree's apprentice. The "Ben" to her "Luke". They had a chemistry that just worked.

A magic system based on pop culture? Comics, movies, and scifi. Yes please!!! Why hasn't someone thought of this before? Talk about a great concept.

The story keep my interest throughout, though it was a little slow in some spots. When you are dealing with magic and monsters, the basic plot better be a winner or you're in trouble. Success!!

Overall a real fun read and I would totally recommend giving it a try.