Krampus! - Brian Joines I love the being know as Krampus. Comics aren't my normal genre, but I won't turn one down. When I saw that there was a collected graphic novel containing issues of a Krampus comic I had never read, I had to request and read this. The story was great, combining quite a few wintry icons into this quest. (Although I didn't know about the zombie horse being one of said icons until I happened across a Facebook article.) This tale kept my attention, with some twists throughout. The art was top notch and beautifully aided the story. KRAMPUS is the misunderstood hero. He gets the job done, but not the way the Santas would do it and for that he has been locked up for centuries but when St. Nick's bones are stolen and the Santas begin to lose their power, there is only one hero to call.
This was a fun holiday themed read I would rrecommend to young and old.