The Witch of Devil's Woods

The Witch of Devil's Woods - James Baack, Eric S. Brown After some thought, I've decided this book deserves a better review.
The cover of this book drew me in. Unfortunately, I expected a story about a witch and got a story about a hag... and werewolves. OK, fair enough. I got over that quickly because I like werewolves and the gore associated with them. There was plenty of gore in these pages from these werewolves. A head here, an arm there. Gore is good. What wasn't good, for me, was what was lacking. I really hoped for more. The ending seemed pretty abrupt and anti- climactic. I gave this story 3 stars because I liked what I read but for more it would've needed to draw me in and, in the end, that didn't happen. It was good for what it was, I just wish it had more flesh.