Burning House

Burning House - Daniel Marc Chant I was given a copy of Burning House in exchange for an honest review.

Burning House has a unique premise. An apartment building catches fire and the blaze quickly spreads throughout the entire building... maybe too quickly. Supernatural quickly!! The fire squad has arrived and is prepared to just let it burn until people in the crowd claim to hear screams coming from within. They enter the blaze and soon discover that this is not an average job and some will not make it out alive.
Overall, I was impressed with this fresh look at this genre. This was a quick, entertaining read. The characters are diverse though sometimes a little muttled and at times I was a little confused understanding which of them I was reading about. I guess that is forgivable as most of the characters are fodder for the story.
The story has a level of gore. It wasn't overdone or sparse but pretty perfect given the nature of the book.
I would recommend this book to readers of horror and would definitely like to read more by the author.