Secrets / Outcast (JournalStone's DoubleDown, #5)

Secrets / Outcast (JournalStone's DoubleDown, #5) - John R. Little, Mark Allan Gunnells Interesting. Take 2 characters. Give them to two authors and let them decide who they are and what they do, given a couple of plot points. These authors took the characters down completely separate paths.
Little's story was pretty dark and Gunnells' story was YA with a supernatural flair. Both stories were OK but I don't generally read YA so I think some of the interest was lost in me. To be clear, the writing was good and both kept my interest enough to finish them, I just am not a fan of the genre so it was a struggle for me.

I would read more from both authors.

I was given an ARC of the book for an honest review.