The Gift

Wishful Thinking (Wishes) (Volume 1) - Sheila Hall, Eric Hendrixson, Lily Luchesi, Michelle Garza, Melissa Lason, J.C. Michael, Doug Draa, David Duke, Peter Davis-Parker, Stephanie Vela Anderson, James Roy Daley, Kevin Strange, James Ward Kirk, Donald Armfield, Tiffany Scandal, M.C. O'Neill, Rick Austin, David

Wishful Thinking is an anthology about wishes and the horror of those wishes when they come to reality. I wanted to be properly prepared for my interview so I took an opportunity to skip ahead to a short in this anthology entitled The Gift.  

The Gift beautifully captures the community of a dysfunction neighborhood. Each house holds it's secrets and regrets.

Henry has his regrets. When the circus comes to town on Christmas ,an answer to one of Henry's regrets presents itself - companionship. But with it comes a price, and that price is The Gift.

The authors do a great job of characterization and create a very descriptive environment in which our characters live out a few nightmares. Can anyone survive the gift that is bestowed?
I really enjoyed this tale and even though there are a few editing errors, I will give this story a very solid 4/5 rating and I am interested to see what Michelle & Melissa toss out to the literary world next.