(Review) Fort St. Jesus Bait & Tackle

Fort St. Jesus Bait & Tackle - Louis Tridico

This book took me an abnormal amount of time to read. When I say abnormal, I mean over a year. That is no fault of the book or the author, Louis Tridico. (I can't rightfully explain it at all... really.) Truth being told Trudico writes an amazing book based in the bayou. He gives his story a lot of depth. So much depth you almost need a diving board and pool floaties. There is a lot going on in this book, but Tridico handles it like a superhero of the plume. Truth be told, I'm surprised that he isn't more widely known. The man has the chops to be on the best seller list in your Sunday paper. A book like this is a rarity, for me at least. 

I love a book with great atmosphere and the atmosphere is so thick within these pages you feel as if you are in the swamp yourself, swatting mosquitoes and dodging alligators. You can hear the sound of peepers with each turn of the page. The swamp is almost an additional character. I love settings that are this fleshed out. I mean here it is middle of winter as I finished the book and I could feel the thick humidity in the air like I was in the swamp in the dead of summer.

Fort St. Jesus Bait & Tackle has been a real reader's delight. Within its pages, there is the perfect storm of three separate storylines. Drug dealers from the big city come to collect their stash while a big storm (hurricane) is on the horizon... and then there is the monster that is eating people in the swamp, looking for his mate. It sounds like a lot, but all three come together in the last few pages flawlessly. The author does a superb job of giving the reader just enough to hold on to with one before he moves to the next. 

I highly recommend Fort St. Jesus Bait & Tackle. It is a trip that will stay with you.