(Review) The Killings

The Killings - J.F. Gonzalez, Wrath James White

I was given a copy of this book by Sinister Grin Press in exchange for an honest review. In no way has this shaped my opinion on this book.


The Killings is a book that is cooperatively written by the two authors. Each chapter moves forward or back 100 years and is clearly indicated by adding a date before the chapter begins. Each story would do well on its own but compliment each other well. 

This is a story of slavery, of revenge, of voodoo. Sable is a powerful voodoo priestess, so powerful in fact there is some evidence that she had lived to see 170 years. No one wants to talk about her, for fear her voodoo curse come into their lives. Originally, her voodoo spell was something designed for the protection of her grandson but something happened and Sable put a dark and hateful energy into her ritual and conjured forth something very dark, something that wanted to kill, maim, torture and disfigured. The scenes of torture in this book are not for everyone, but they illustrate the deep seated hate that this spirit has for the opposite sex. Our story takes place in Atlanta. Three generations since have had it's boogeyman. An unsolved series of serial murders. The killer each time wasn't found. The killings have just started again. Carmen Mendoza is a reporter who works for the oldest paper in Atlanta. She is trying to solve the case by looking into the past murders and she is getting close to answers, but will it cost her everything.


This book was a superb story. A tribute to the writing styles of both men. (RIP JF Gonzalez) The main characters from each timeline, Carmen and Robert, are fleshed out and very detailed. They really help to keep the story moving. I really enjoyed this book... until the ending. It really lost me after the garage scene. The action that takes place after that scene in the present time just wasn't in line with the rest of the book for me. It seemed forced to me. Overall, though, this story was a good example of great books coming out of Sinister Grin.


If you are a fan of horror, you will want to pick up this one!!




In 1911, Atlanta’s African American community was terrorized by a serial killer that preyed on young bi-racial women, cutting their throats and mutilating their corpses. The killer was never found. In the 1980s, more than twenty African American boys were murdered throughout Atlanta. In 2011, another string of sadistic murders have begun, and this time it’s more brutal than ever. 

Carmen Mendoza, an investigative reporter working forAtlanta’s oldest newspaper. has uncovered a link between the three murder cases 
suggesting an unending series of murders going back more than a century. If she can solve the murders, she may find the key to ending the violent curse grippingAtlanta’s Black community. If not, she might just become the next victim. 

From J.F. Gonzalez and Wrath James White comes a novel of hatred, prejudice, extreme violence and bone-chilling terror.



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