I've updated my GR reading goal for the first time already this year. There is too much good short fiction to not include it in my count. Many authors I am friends with write shorter fiction and I can't support them if I'm not reading their works.
I started out the year with two resolutions:

1) Read more full length novels, and

2) Clean up my currently reading shelf.

So far, I've been doing well with both, but I've come to the conclusion that if I limit my reading to only works of a certain length it wouldn't be fair to me or the authors whose works are shorter. My goal to read more full length books this year is still a goal, but not a punishment. With the creation of this blog and my involvement with one (at this time) reviewing website I think the novels will come. With the inclusion of recommendations, NetGalley, and read & reviews from authors and publishers I feel this is the year I wear a new hat as a reader.


Has anyone else increased their goal yet?