(Review) Down by Nate Southard

Down - Nate Southard

I received a copy of this book from Sinister Grin Press in exchange for an honest review.


Things were going oh so well. Things were simple. Plane crash miles from civilization. Some dead on impact, some seriously injured, all absolutely screwed. Something lives in this woods. Something big, something formidable, something hungry. Our story was great to this point. I can even deal with adding in an uncomfortable, non-plot-forwarding love triangle. But around 50% into this book, something happens. Or more specifically, too much happens. It starts with the carvings in the trees. Things that happen after this just pollute a great story. I wanted to see this all come together. It just didn't. I would've preferred the author to keep the story basic, survivors vs creature. Alas, that didn't happen and it hurt the story, in my opinion.


I loved Potter, and the other characters, main and supportive just lacked a lot of the detail for me to really care if they survived. Potter,  however, is my man. I really liked this character and the whole story through, I cheered his survival. 


I wanted to love this book, I didn't. I think it got too big for itself and that killed it for me. In the end Potter saved it for me and that was pretty much it. 


So in a true Potter tribute, let me visualize my notebook paper of tips for the author and on it is a list:


1) Revisit Potter. He is a great character.


2) Keep it simple.


Here is the Amazon link for Down or feel free to shop for the book at the Sinister Grin Press link above.