(Review) Old Order

Old Order by Jonathan Janz is like an episode of Tales from the Crypt with a little more spice. Farmers are easy marks, or so one would think, sitting on untold riches and just toiling the day away. Our protagonist is a criminal who preys on people who trust and don't suspect. But karma has a way of catching up with people. 

Janz writes a convincing story of an antiques store owner who gets a lot more than he bargins for. The ending of this story is a horrid surprise and one that will sit with the reader long after the title is put away. I really look forward to a Janz story because I know that it will be fun and well worth the money spent.

Jonathan Janz is a writer to watch. He has a way with words that really involve the reader into the story. This is the second Janz story I have read and it really is a talented author who can write in such a fashion... every time.

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