(Review) Dead Roses

Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love - Jason Parent, Evans Light, Gregor Xane, Adam   Light, Edward Lorn, Mike Tenebrae



The creators of the bestselling BAD APPLES: FIVE SLICES OF HALLOWEEN HORROR team up once more to bring you five dark tales of twisted love. 

ELEANOR, by Jason Parent 

When Father Stuart McKenzie finds a disfigured girl abandoned on the steps of his church, he decides the child is a blessing from God and raises her as his own. But the special needs of Eleanor demand more from Stuart than a father can give. 

LOVE LIES IN EYES, by Evans Light 

Nathan falls for a beautiful girl from across a crowded room, but she disappears before he can muster his courage. Obsessed with getting a second chance, he’s about to learn that true love isn't only hard to find...it can be hard to lose. 

PANACEA, by Adam Light 

Decades of marriage haven’t tarnished Rob’s affection towards his dear wife Molly one bit, and he’s not about to let cancer snatch her away, no matter the cost. But every medication has its side effects, some more than others. 

CINDER BLOCK, by Edward Lorn 

Toby’s dad may have hit the road long ago, but his mother still loves him - along with every other man in town, that is. But after the beautiful Lauren shines a light into his dreary world, he realizes just how crazy love can get. 

LOVING THE GOAT, by Gregor Xane 

Embattled comic book artist and notorious animal lover Bill Capra is willing to do anything (literally) to get his dirty paws on the fabled object of his desire, even if it means his own destruction. 

My review:


A very solid 4 stars

Dead Roses is a great anthology collecting short stories from five great authors. Each story is about twisted love and each story is a bizarre love story, some of which are a bit taboo. These authors have once again combined their "powers" to create a very memorable book. Although each story is really good and allows the reader a glimpse into an odd relationship, the standout story in this collection for me was the story by Evans Light. That story is very easily going to be in my top three for the year and is absolutely worth the cost of the book alone. 
It is rare that an anthology contains all killer, no filler but Dead Roses has broken that barrier. If you are a fan of bizarro, horror, or great writing, make sure you click that buy button. You won't regret it.

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