(Review) Coyote by Michael McBride

The Coyote - Michael McBride



The new novel of suspense from the category bestselling author of Burial Ground and Vector Borne!

They’re the perfect victims.

Arizona shares nearly four hundred miles of international border with Mexico, thirty-six of which are completely unfortified. On one side lies desperation; on the other, opportunity.

There’s no record of their destinations.

Tens of thousands of undocumented aliens pass through these thirty-six miles every year, only to find one of the harshest and most inhospitable deserts on the planet waiting for them.

No one knows where to look when they disappear.

Hundreds die walking, casualties of the merciless sun, their bodies never to be identified. Others simply set out across the red Sonoran sands and vanish into thin air.

It’s as though they never existed at all.

Special Agent Lukas Walker is assigned to investigate a murder, the only evidence of which is a twenty-foot design painted on a rock formation in the victim’s blood. He quickly learns that if the heat doesn’t get you…

The Coyote will.


My review: 


In his book, Coyote, McBride takes us inside an Indian reservation. There is a serial killer preying on coyote (not the Wile E. kind, but illegals muling drugs into the country under cover of night). A Native American federal agent, Lukas Walker, is sent to investigate and realizes he has ties within the community. The killer leaves bloody paintings on the cliff walls as the only sign of his being their and then he vanishes without a trace. Lukas needs to solve this riddle and catch this killer before more wind up dead.


McBride proves yet again why he is an author that everyone should be reading. The level of research he puts into novels is without compare. Coyote is hot, arid, and dusty. It is a well written departure from the horror I have come to expect from McBride. It is more police procedural. This isn't a disappointment, just something unexpected. The characters are well developed and very solid. The story chugs along at a lightning pace and keeps the reader involved. I would definitely recommend this title to someone who enjoys good books and isn't unwillingly to let genre decide what they read.


Another solid story from McBride.


I was given a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.


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