(Review) It Came from Hell and Smashed the Angels by Gregor Xane

It Came From Hell and Smashed the Angels - Gregor Xane


Thanks to his big ugly mug, Ben Coburn always played the heavy in Hollywood. Yeah, his name was in the credits of a bunch of low-budget B-movie horror shows, but at least he could say he was in the movies.

That was a long time ago.

Now Ben sits alone in a trailer park listening to an old married couple across the way argue about money, just nursing a beer, waiting for something to happen.

But nothing ever happens. That pisses him off.

No, Big Ben Coburn isn't going to wait around anymore. He jumps on his motorcycle and tears off into the night.

Intent on escaping into a new life, he races past a field of scarecrows, barreling headlong down the highway toward a blazing inferno and a bottomless pit.

My Review:

Gregor Xane is a powerful writer. What he just did here in 10 pages is nothing short of stupendous. In this brief story, Xane gives the reader what they want, mental whiplash. The imagery just pulls the reader in. Like a mouse in a trap, I didn't see that one coming.

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