(Review) Ever Green by Pete Kahle

Ever Green: A Short Tale of Horror - Pete Kahle




From the author of THE SPECIMEN: A NOVEL OF HORROR (which I might add just moved up on my tbr list)

Caitlyn has never met anyone like Trevor. He was kind, intelligent, sexy and he loved nature. Who cared if she had horrible allergies? That shouldn't keep them apart. She knew he was the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life, but before they could take things to the next level, Trevor wanted her to meet his mother... 

A short story of ~5200 words





Pete Kahle weaves a wonderful tale of whimsy. In a short amount of pages, the reader is transferred into an almost fairytale forest and accompanies a young couple into this old wood, on a hike to meet Mother. Many authors take an ordinary situation and build upon it to create an enjoyable work of fiction. Pete Kahle accomplishes this with the skill of a seasoned veteran. 
Ever Green is easily a lunch break story, but it will stick with you much longer than your salad does.


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Widowmakers is a steal at $4.99 (and a benefit for a great guy and amazing author) helmed by Pete.