(Review) Occult Assassin: Apocalypse Soldier

Occult Assassin #2: Apocalypse Soldier - William Massa



The war against the forces of darkness continues...

At age 15, Nicole Robertson was possessed by a demonic entity. She survived this ordeal, thanks to a successful exorcism. Now, 8 years later, Nicole is still haunted by the experience. But the nightmare isn’t over. She is about to become the target of an apocalyptic cult led by a former elite soldier with a chilling plan for her future. 

Only one man can save Nicole from a fate worse than death. 
Only one man stands between her and the apocalypse. 
His name is Mark Talon. 
And he is about to go up against his most dangerous enemy yet.


My review:


William Massa does it again.

Occult Assassin: Apocalypse Soldier is the newest novel in the adventures of Mark Talon, ex Delta Force soldier now on a path of vengeance. The tale of Talon, to this point, has been a twisted one, filled with occult (sometimes supernatural) villians to eliminate at every turn. Marc lost his fiance violently at the hands of a satanic cult and he has made it his mission to take out evil where ever it rears it's head. 
In Apocalypse Soldier, the reader finds Talon hot on the trail of a woman sought after by a satanic cult. A cult whose endgame is to start the Apocalypse. Only by saving her, can Talon save the world from the end times. 
Massa really does a great job of entertaining the reader. Talon is akin to an occult hunting James Bond. (I think the Daniel Craig Bond.) He is more action than finesse, but that is why you love this character. His duty, his self proclaimed mission, is to exterminate and does he ever leave a pile of bodies in his wake.
This fast paced novel gets the reader involved and you better hold on tight because it's a bumpy ride. 
What I love about the Occult Assassin series is you can jump in anywhere and have a solid understanding of what's going on without having to read the books in a specific order. It's pure entertainment!! 

I was given a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.


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