The Shed by Paul Levas

The Shed - Paul Levas

Paul Levas's The Shed is a horrific little tale about an unbearable loss that could have been prevented. A story that is probably a big fear of parents. The story conveys a lot of emotion in just a few words.

Jimi was deathly allergic to the wasps that choose to live where he parked his bike. His death could have been prevented had his parents only known. 


A year later, Steve, his father, has been asked to finally clean out the shed... but there is a evil presence living in the shed. Steve will have to face the presence, along with skeletons in his closet.


This story is short, but powerful. It is about relationships and loss. It is about regret. Steve and Jimi weren't just father and son, they were best friends. This story really made me think. As a parent, you want to shelter your children from harm. But what if you aren't prepared to help your children when they need you most. It is a scary thought. Paul Levas captures the emotions of Steve as if he were a father who had gone through a similar tragedy. 

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