The Edge of Life by Joe Hart (Review)

The Edge of Life: A Short Horror Story - Joe Hart

Synopsis - 

Imagine opening your front door one morning only to have your life horribly ripped apart.

In a moment, you're implicated in the murder of your entire family and hounded by something not of this world. 

And the very thing that did this to you is now asking for something more- 

Your trust.

My review -

This elusive 5 star rating is well deserved by Joe Hart for the amazing short The Edge of Life. This story is perfect. Well written, atmospheric, and character driven. This truly terrifying premise will send chills down your spine. I highly recommend this short story by Joe Hart. I think he has a real gift and if you are a fan of Tales from the Darkside or the Outer Limits this story will be perfect for your lunch hour.

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