Seeing Evil by Jason Parent (Review)

Seeing Evil - Jason  Parent

Truth be told I have been done with this book for a few weeks, but I wanted to hold on to this posted review until today, Jason Parent's birthday.

So here is said review. If you haven't read this yet, maybe you could find it in your heart to pick this up today to help celebrate Jason's birthday.

Imagine what your life would be like if you saw bad things happening to everyone you touch. Now imagine your closest friend is the detective who found you at a murder scene, your parent's murder scene. Jason Parent's Seeing Evil is an edgy thriller with a good bit of the supernatural sprinkled in for a little extra spice. This is my third thriller in the past month and I felt a little more in my horror element with this one. Parent really poured a good bit of his heart and soul into this title and it  shows. I really felt for our young protagonist, Michael, and his situation of being bullied every day. One day, his bully grabs hold of him and, with that touch, Michael sees the future unfold for the bully, and it is horrific. Michael, although scared by his "vision" has the general goodness of heart to try to stop it. Does he? Buy Seeing Evil and see for yourself. A lightning fast book that was not a disappointment for this reader.

There was a good amount of depth put into his two main protagonists. Jason Parent really writes the hell out of Michael and Sam, a hard as nails detective and close confidant of Michael. She has nerves of steel and a heart of gold. She helped Michael at a very young age and has stayed close to him through the years.

The plot to this story is solid. It flows like blood from a wound. There is a killer loose and Michael keeps touching the victims predeath. Can he convince Sam that his visions are real and can they find and stop him before he kills again? Especially when he touches Sam and sees her death at his hand as well. 

Pick up Seeing Evil and enjoy this searing hot thriller from the mind of Jason Parent. Enjoy the ride and race to its exciting conclusion. 

Here is the link for Seeing Evil.