Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe - My Review

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Blood and Rain - Glenn Rolfe



The light of a full moon reveals many secrets.


Gilson Creek, Maine. A safe, rural community. Summer is here. School is out and the warm waters of Emerson Lake await. But one man’s terrible secret will unleash a nightmare straight off the silver screen.


Under the full moon, a night of terror and death re-awakens horrors long sleeping. Sheriff Joe Fischer, a man fighting for the safety of his daughter, his sanity and his community, must confront the sins of his past. Can Sheriff Fischer set Gilson Creek free from the beast hiding in its shadows, or will a small town die under a curse it can’t even comprehend?


One night can—and will—change everything.


My review:


The witching season is upon us. The ghosts and monsters are close and the veil is pretty thin this time of year. Werewolves howl and Glenn Rolfe has written a damn near lycanthropic masterpiece. 
I generally touch on three things in reviews. Character development, atmosphere, and my overall entertainment with a title.


If Glenn Rolfe never writes another book, he can consider his resume quite filled with this one.


The monster is scary and almost as threatening in human form as he is transformed. Let's face it!! In Blood and Rain, the werewolf is the star. But, Glenn did a fantastic job of creating a great supporting cast for his werewolf yarn. (Joe Fischer, the small town sheriff,  is particularly well crafted and very fleshed out. The reader can totally feel his regret about past actions.) The characters as a whole create the feel Glenn was obviously aiming for - small town life, where every one knows your business and life quietly goes unnoticed behind white picket fences. Characters who this reader actually felt pretty bad to witness as werewolf fodder. 
The atmosphere written into Blood and Rain is something you can cut with a knife. Maine is a big forest and genuinely creepy in this story and the deserted back roads, back roads just like every small town has, make for a most terrifying setting for the carnage that takes place throughout this story. I can actually hear the crickets and feel the warm breath on my neck from the furry death that creeps in the shadows, death that will rend your flesh and remove your appendages.


As far as entertainment, your could do far worse than THIS werewolf story as Halloween approaches. Just the perfect amount of blood and guts, mixed with fear. Add a dash of silver and the perfect Halloween creature feature for your spooky nights sits ready for your indulgence. Glenn Rolfe has created a monster. Two, if you count the werewolf. 

Make sure your doors are locked when you sit down to read Blood and Rain. As solid of a werewolf read as you will find. Happy Halloween from Reaper's Harvest Horror!!!

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