Shivers by Jamie Page & Brandon Nichols (Review)

Shivers: A Horror Story - Brandon Nichols, Jamie Page

Summary - The calm of a suburban evening is shattered by a horrific murder. An average man and his beautiful wife are dead, killed in a horrific orgy of blood. A child is missing, and a disturbed man in a police interrogation room holds the key to everything. A detective is driven to arrive at the truth, but how can he possibly find truth in the mind of a man so deranged?

Warning: This ebook contains extremely disturbing and bloody imagery.  

Review - My first short of 2016 and damn what a great little slice of horror. Weighing in at 25 pages, it didn't look like much, but wow... CLEVER!! Shivers is a demented little clown and he has quite a story to tell. If you like your horror mixed with a little grease paint, here is a short to treasure.

Shivers -find it here.